28 September, 2009

Was lazy to blog abt SIN... Will blog abt it soon.

Did a private event last fri( 25/09/09) at Sembawang. Gillian, Janice, Dawn, Audrey etc was there working too. Our job os to mingle only and my attire is F1 uniform.
Its exactly the same as i wore on SIN the two piece outfit except my bottom is shorts instead of skirt.
Went to Versashe to drink with Leoric and Ron den Bert came after tat to join us. Drank 2 tower of beer and head home.

Sat 26/09/09, Work for roving den after work i head down to Bb home den we went down to celebrate Guo yuan Bday at a pub in chinatown. After tat, we went for supper at West coast and head home. So tired.....

Sun 27/09/09, I was selected to work for a F1 VIP private event today with Janice fion, Bernise, Gillian etc but i am tired and wants to acc Bb shop shop etc as its been sometimes since we went to shop during weekends.... I ask Sherry to replace me instead.
Bb, me, Jennise and bert head down to town and we went in to Taka LV boutique cos jennise and i eye onto a LV pouch for quite sometime so we went to see if there is any more stocks as there is no stock the time we went there.

And yes they have and Bb straight help me buy the pouch w/out hestitating.... So happy :] Thanks Bb for the LV pouch :] He say this will be for my Bday First present and surprises :]
Than we all head to Bukit Timah for Frog porridge den i head to Bb home to prepare his work stuff the next day cos Bb will be sleeping over at my home....

Been working for events and my full time job so tired.... This wed still got exam :[ Gonna study today and tml..... Sian :[

22 September, 2009

Didnt blog these few days, i am soooooo tired working this 4 days for SIN event....

Firstly i wanna wish Joanna a Happy Bday and sorry tat i didnt attend ur party at Social House as my eyes were red and my foot swells due to wearing the boots for 4 days and on my feets for 8 long hours :[

Secondly sorry Steven Junior for not attending the Super Import Night party at Lunar with all the pretty import babes from USA, Thai and Tai Wan....
Boo...Cant see them in person :[

Gonna update more abt this year SIN soon...
Stay tune :]

17 September, 2009

Bb is unhappy about me working for Super Import Night due to some reasons includes our attire is very short etc...

Super Import Nights is coming back this September for a 3rd year running!
It will host an even more EXCITING line-up of highlights and attractions!!

Some of the import models returning for this year's show include :
KT So, Helen Su, Lisa Kim Fleming and many more.

Highlights for Super Import Nights 2009:
- EXOTIC & performance SHOWCARS
- amazing AUTOMOTIVE deals
- LATEST automotive PRODUCTS & acessories
- hot IMPORT models FROM usa, TAIWAN & korea
- STAMFORD tyres DRIFT show
- sin POLE dance SHOWCASE finals
- LIVE tattooing & AIRBRUSH showdown!!!!

16 September, 2009

Yipee, i am damn happy when i know i am selected to work for the Super Import Night this Fri to Mon from 12-8Pm....

Will be working for dunno what brand, forgot le...
Do drop by if u guys free ya :]

Gonna meet Bb after work den go to town to collect the Racequeen attire for this event.
Jennise is selected too :] Can pair up with me :]

So Happy......

15 September, 2009

This is Bb and my Fav pic taken this year Valentine Day at Pasir Ris while dinning at a Romentic spot near the Beach.

I hope u will promise what u had told me, dun break promise again.
Dunno why i am so soft hearted, thought i am angry abt u yet still wanna see ur stupit dumbo face :]

14 September, 2009

Random post of some pic.
Those are taken few days back when i went to Butter Factory den to Vasashe with Chubby and cute Jolin....

The rest are taken with jennise and elise during the Tiger Airway Events.

11 September, 2009

Went to Butter Factory yest. Met with Gillian, Rabbit serene and alot of other gals.....

Erm kinda dissapointed cos i thought its kinda big and happening but it seem not so.
Left there about 11pm+ and head to Versase with my frens.
After i left not long, jojo, june etc came... Everytime i left le den Jojo come de lol, No yuan fen to see her.
Anw We stay at Versase till 1am+.
We support jennise by ordering Remy Martin and finish 1 bottle by abt 1am and head home.

Jennise and Jolin drank till kinda high and Jolin lost her Couch Pouch with her IC, $$ etc :[
Hope she can find soon her stuff.

Gillian was high too after i left and fell from stairs. Now got bruises etc.
Get well soon babe.
I promise u i wont leave u alone again :( And i Promise u we go club ourself soon again.

Hai took half day in the morning to visit my Doc as my braces is hurting me den meanwhile can slp longer cos yest go club...

Meeting Bb and Gy later...

10 September, 2009


Need 1 girl to do roving at Tanjong Pagar from 9 to 1am.

Attire provided but need own black knee length boots.

Pay is $15 per hour.


Need Couple of girls to mingle only at Boat Quay in a pub for 4 hours.

Timing and Attire not confirm yet.

Pay is $15 per hour.

Keen pls email your profile to jennifer_ngzh@hotmail.com with the job position on top. Thanks
Yawn damn sleepy....
Decided to blog before i do those payment voucher and invoices :]

Yest Gillian came to Tampaniess to look for me and jennise.
We went to eat Dian Xiao Er and chat and cut hair before we head home together while jennise go to work.
Chatted alot with Gillain.

Later Bb meeting me for lunch, so happy cos this is the first time he meeting me for lunch when i working :] Cos he work shift works at PSA cos kinda tired when he reaches home.
Will be meeting gillian, jojo etc tonight to butter factory. Its my virgin trip to butter :[
Look reali damn mountain tortise sia ha....

Been putting aeroplane and reject the girls invitation due to work etc but tonight i be going down with u gals to party.....

Miss partying :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :] :]

09 September, 2009


# Flyer distributer for Ultimate Motorshow

Date: 18 - 21 Sept

Time: 10am - 10pm ( Day 1 start from 3pm)

Attire: T-shirt provided

Pay: $60/day

#Models for Ultimate Motorshow

Date: 18 - 21 sept

Time: 10am - 10pm ( First day start from 3pm)

Attire: not confirm

Pay: $120/day

Interested parties pls email me your profile to jennifer_ngzh@hotmail.com with the heading Ultimate Motorshow.
This morning, Bb said some mushy words that brighten up my day.

Bb call me and say
" Baby i love u, i wan to be with u Zhang Zhang Jiu Jiu!!!!! "

I am puzzled by his sudden words so i ask him wad happen den he say cos the time now is 09.09Am and today date is 09.09.2009.

So he waited till the time strike 09.09Am and call me.

Feel so sweet by my boy words :]

Though its a bit Bo Liao but to me i think in a relationship or married couple, Sometimes u should give ur another partner some surprises like small gift to prise he/she for doing well something or say some sweet talking etc.

This will improve the bonds between them and last longer.
Dont u feel that way????

Meeting jennise and gillian after my work to Tampaniess to have a hair cut etc :]
Been sometime since i met gillian..

07 September, 2009

This fri i be meeting, my sis, sis in law ang jennise.

Arranged an appointment with this Pink Parlour, for Brazilian Waxing!!!!!
Now they having this promotion 1 for 1 at only $49 for 2 pax.
Usual price is $49 for 1 pax but now is $49 for 2 pax...
Wow cheap right????? Its only abt $25 per pax.
So why not head down and try out????

Now it's time to ring up that best friend, siblings to enjoy this perfect experience with this exclusive offer with U ! :D

Its also rated 8.5 by Simply Her....

I believe it be more clean after waxing :]

So what are u waiting for, this promotion end till Sept 15 2009.
All u have to do is to print out this coupon to enjoys this privillage.
Yes that is how simple it is....

I will share with u the experience after i did it...
Stay tune :]

After work later, Bb will fetch me and we be heading down to Pan Pacific to have our Buffet.....
Meeting jennise and bert too :]

05 September, 2009

Girls out there, If u are saying E cup is very big.

Why not u take a look at this.... Ready?






It look kinda over.....
Not sexy yet gross i think. I wonder guys will feel turn on or off ????

04 September, 2009

Mj last nite with pearly, zheng and teck seng.
Damn lose $90 lo :[

Wed nite (2/9/09), after work, Bb and i went to causeway to shop and dinner.
We went to Soul Garden, Its my virgin trip to dine at Soul Garden. Ya i neo i look like mountain tortise :x
Well the food is ok ok only for me and what make mw pek chek is when we are out of the restaurent, we still smell of the Bbq smell...
My hair, clothes and even inside my bag also smells lo hai. That is the reason why i dun like to Bbq.
After dinner we went to meet up with guo yuan and charlie etc to Lim chu kang cementry to pray. Its also my first time going there to pray and alot of things which is my first time experience etc. Its very dark and spooky too.
We also got pray and burn things for Ming Fei.. Hope he can receive and fine.
We pray till 1am+ den we head to Xiao xiong house etc and head home.
By that time, Bb and i were very exhausted....

Yeah today is friday :]
Its like wow, how i survive this week at office lo, cos month end den got alot of accounts stuff that need to bill etc :[
But i do like my working places, collegue and my work :]

Gonna meet Bb later.... But no plans yet :(

02 September, 2009

I am damm piss off yest.
Always last min tell me and off u are going out!!!!

U always promise me something but sometimes empty promises :[
If i were u, u sure Kao bei me de but u urself can lo. Nb.....
I hate u.

Luckily i got a good news from Rodney regards abt Super import nights :]