29 June, 2009

Sick for the past few days..
Got fever, sore throat, cough :[
My highest temperature gone up to 39 degree celcius :[
No appetite to eat, No strength and feel like going anywhere except at home rot and play with Qq...

Ya found this female toy poodle on sunday and she is damn cute and playful. She dun like to be left out and no matter what, she needs ppl to acc her if not she started to wine.
Bb say her character is like me, Independent!!! KnS......

She also like to sleep with us too and even slp on our pillow and bed..... But on sunday, after we kept her for abt a week, we found out tat the owner is looking for her so we return her back to the owner. Dont bear to give her back to the owner at first cos i miss and like her alot but in the end we gave back.

Bb say her fur like carpet ha...

The owner came over to my home to collect her back and offer to give us $800 reward but we did not accept and the owner say we can go over her house or can let Qq come over to our place to stay too if we wan :]

My sis is back from states after a month plus for business trip. She brought me Coach bag, Coach keychain and Coach makeup pouch :]

Hearts it alot.... Thanks sis :]

25 June, 2009

Been feeling unwell and sick once i went home after my cruise vacation.

Since last sunday till now, i still having fever, cough etc. Monday i went to consult doutor cos i scare i got the H1N1 case. My temperature went up to 39 degree celcius but the doctor say i am just heaty only and give me 2 days MC to rest well at home. But wed, my fever still have not subside so i went to see the doctor again and he repeat the same word :[

Hope i can recover faster..

Btw i feel so happy for Bb, finally his dreams came true :]

20 June, 2009

Cruise trip from 17 to 19 june

Went to Cruise with family and Bb from 17 to 19 june.
The place is big but the room is kinda small :( Forgot to take the picture of the room....

For the 3 days, we went to casino, swim only. Majority we stay at the casino from 11pm to 6am everyday... First day, i lose $$$ but second day i win back my $$$ so end up didnt win or lose.

So end up we always slp till noon den wake up and got nothing much to do. Thier so call k-box sucks too cos thier songs is limited and never update.

View of the sea and sky from my parent balcony.

Taken while we having breakfast at 7am+ after casino.

It look like its gonna rain heavily...... So scary.

My member card :]

Bb and my card for the room, to eat and drink etc.

10 June, 2009

Happy 25th Bday Bb

Today is Bb bday and this is the 3rd time i be celebrating bday with him.
Yest after work, i went to Jp to meet up with ming and jia wei to shoose present for Bb den after tat we head down to IMM Long Beach restaurant for dinner as Bb will be treating all of us to eat include Bin, livia, Bin secojnd sis and her husband.
After eating, we head to sabai to have couple of drinks.
Today i brought him to Gucci and brought him a belt that he fancy and brought him a new phone N85 for him and a romentic and a very nice environment for dinner at Oosh located at Demsey.

I special reserve a table for us just right next to the waterfall at Garden.

I always wanted to try out lychee martini as it smell sweet so i order that while Bb order thier most popular dunno what lychee housepour.
Conclusion is not tat nice......

Some snap shots taken by Bb....

We ate till very full so we decided to change and sit at the bar to listen songs and enjoy our drinks.

Basically Oosh consist of many parts.
Eg the garden for dinner, the bar, the celler, the roof, the trellis, the terrace, the lookout, the deck for drinks and snack but the atmosthere is different only and very romentic and relax.
You guys should try out.....

07 June, 2009

Just came back from Tian Pei Bb chole 1st Bday, had buffet....

Tml gonna wake up damn early and i am kinda excited.
Left my current job and found a better job which offer me higher pay too.

Sign, been coughing for the past 1 week. Feeling damn terrible :[
Ate strepcils and Pi Pa Kao but still the same. Wanted to consult doctor but lazy....

Ganna study for my exams now Haiz......
God Bless Me.