29 October, 2009

Bb brought m to malysia to do my nails as i wanted to do arylic nails before my 21st Bday.

We went to the car workshop first to do his car den we hail a cab down to Holiday plaza to had our lunch follow by doing my arylic nails while Bb went to massage.

This is the design that i choosen.

After everything, i acc Bb to colour and cut his hair and den we cab down to Da Ma Market to eat. Thier food is very delicious and cheap too. Both of us order, Stingray, Oyster Veg, La la and egg and we finish up all cos its damn nuice and we are hungry too.

After eating, Bb brought me to the pet shop cos i love to look at their puppies. Soooo cute and cheap. A pity that i did not took any photos of the puppies. There are alot type of puppies. Toy Poodle puppies selling at abt $600 only lo... Than we went back to the workshop to collect car and head back to Spore. Its so late when we reach back. So tired...

27 October, 2009

Feeling erm not reali good since yest.
Dunno should i feel angry or sad.
Well its ok i will buck up in order Fatty say something behind my back.

Pat just call me and intro me a job... Tat is fast cos yest i just told her i wanna find a new job and this morning she all me liao....

Everything is good like pay wise, and alot of benefits too...

I cant bear to leave my collegues but i reali cant stand her lo :[

This week got couple of events but none of it i am doing cos just simply no mood to do. All i need now is a good rest and be with my love ones..

I am damn happy yest cos i won $250 in mahjong.
First time win so many, super happy luh :]
I hope my luck was as good as yest whenever i play Mj..

God Bless Me and wish me luck in everything i do :]
I dun wanna meet till Xiao Ren like Fatty !!!!!!!!!

23 October, 2009


Damn piss off with my accountant....
Keep bullying me and ask me to do sooooo many thangs.....

Somemore somethings she can do herself but nv and ask me to do!!! WHAT THE HELL????
Thought i am here to assist u but i am NOT ur personnal assistant!
Pls get this clear.

1 Reminder for u is What comes around goes around!!!!


20 October, 2009

More pic taken from SIN. Thanks for the pic :]

Credits to Jeremy Wee.

My mon, dad, bro, sis in law, neice, jennise and bert going to Tai Wan today. Leaving me alone :[

Luckily still got Bb and frens too acc and kill the time.
Gonna meet Kat later after work as Bb is working night shift today....

Anw Happy 25th Bday to u Bert :]

18 October, 2009

Fri 16/10/09
Went to Bb home den head down to Jennise work place with Bro etc and meet my Mdis Peeps over there as they be celebrating my Bday in advance. Before that i was thinking if i should attend the Models Night at SOHO with gillian babes etc but i drop the idea and went out with my bro and frens instead. Hope the Girls will enjoy their night partying at SOHO :]

We drank till abt 1am+ den i head down to St James with bro they all till 4am+. Jennise nv join us cos something happen over so she staying at her work place den she came to find us at St james alone ard 4am+ den Jennise and i head to Town area a pub with her collegues till 6 like tat in the morning.

Was very tired by than but enjoy myself except someone came to spoil our mood tats it if not jennise can join us le..... :[

Jennise working fren and jolin peeps also very annoy and dislike him too....

MDIS peeps :]
Thanks guys for the lovely presents that u guys brought for us...

Sat 17/10/09
Had a tiff with Bb but was ok after that..
Head down to Keong Saik Kai pb again to celebrated Bert Bday...
Left early cos Bb got work the next morning...

Sun 18/10/09
Was suppose to go sentosa with Kat, Ernest, Tian Pei etc but due to some reason, We did not go so i stay at home the whole day till Bb finish work den we went to Bukit Timah for Frog porridge den play Mj with Jennise, bert and Bb.
Won total $35 with Bb...

Yeah my 21st Bday reaching le, will be celebrating it at Pasir Ris Bungalow Chalet...

07 October, 2009

Will be doing a Sol event this fri....

Yeah actually now tracy was very hot in storm, Chinese and english news paper etc. If u realise and read this artical few days ago.....

Singapore local paper, Shin Min did an interview with Tracy Ang which is her real name..
In brief summary, she mentioned that she's not there for any modeling assignment but was waiting for her friend who's late for over an hour. While waiting, she browsed the exhibition alone and was approached by photographer who requested her to strike a few poses infront of the exhibited cars.Note the following words that was published - Tracy clarifies, as a professional freelance model, she's trained to accomplish any given modeling assignments.

She added: ‘I had no intention to do any shoot at Super Import Night. I miscalculated the length of my dress. I was wrong, and I deeply regret going there unprepared without much protection.’
However, a netizen called Shawn told Stomp that Ms Ang was there with two photographers.
Ms Ang said that in previous photoshoots, she had worked with professional photographers, who would inform her if she accidentally exposed herself.
‘However, during the photoshoot at the car show, I didn’t realise I was exposing myself. Photographers without integrity resort to this – not telling the model she is being exposed – and even putting it online to jeer and laugh about.’
She said she was ‘deeply disturbed’ when she realised the unflattering photos were on display in online forums.
The last straw was seeing herself on Stomp.
She said: ‘My life was turned upside down. I’m feeling stressed… I feel so lost and helpless.
‘I’ve even had to move away from my home to protect my loved ones – to make sure they will not be harassed by unwelcome visitors.’
Ms Ang, who has been a freelance model for several years, is a regular on local photography forum Club- Snap, where she advertises her modelling services. She also has an online modelling portfolio.
Under her online moniker ‘Sunshine Tracy’, she describes herself as someone with a ‘cheerful character with no attitude problems’.
‘I’m great with poses. I’m very daring to do photoshoots in unique places too,’ she wrote on the forum.
But was she too daring?
Talent scout Steven Lim, who had spotted Ms Ang and signed her up as a freelance model, told The New Paper he felt she may have ‘overdone things’.

However what i know from photographers etc that she came along with 2 photographers instead of alone to photoshoot there. And she also claim that she underestimate her dress therefore being expose to the public but i was just right there standing with jennise and frens and obviously she neo that she is being expose but she did not give it a damn to pull down her dress or try to be careful like the way she pose etcand even sit on the floor, lie down in front of the car, climb up the car etc which will sure expose her undies etc.

A 33 year old lady cant be so blur that she is being expose yet she also dunno ba???? Its ridiculous...


Here’s Steven’s description of her:
Tracy Ang Soo Hua ( Premier Package)
Ref No: 1183
Occupation: Freelance Model
Hgt: 164cm
Wgt: 52kg
DOB: 13 Dec 1976
This simply gorgeous Tracy got full assets to become a good model and an actress. We personally vouch she is extremely talented in acting. Good for all events.

Well indeed she is under Steven Lim models, seriously i dunno if i should pity her or should i think she deserve it?
Cos now many ppl neo her and give alot of unpleasant comments like say she is old, she should not be a model cos model should be slim and pretty but she is not, Only her lower body can make it not her upper body, She is not hot at all might as well as their grandma to go and pose etc...

Hopefully she can overcome...
Wonder if this week Asia Auto Salon, she will pay herself to come again not?? Lol.

06 October, 2009

Tracy Goes Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes today i am going to talk about an incident that i encounter while working for SIN. Its my first time seeing such happening and so many photographer taking so much pic and longest time of a model.....

I was at my booth chatting away with my Booth mates when this photographer came and told us that he just took some pic of this particular model at the Body Kit Booth and he feel digusted.
I went puzzled and ask why? Cos this so call model by the name of Tracy, age 33 was poseing very 'RA' with the car and showing off her butt etc.

Wow when i reach there, the car surrounding was filled with photographers. First thinking was Wow should be Import Models posing with the cars....

As i walk closer and closer to the crowd, Tracy butt was being revealed her i could see her pubic hair too!!!!!! OMG......
I never ever come across a model that will show like that to the public.

She was wearing a very short black dress and she was wearing a G string and worst till never shave....

I dun understand why she purposely must show off her Butt, breast to all photographer while poseing?

To attract attention? To attract photograhers?

This is not the right way and very RA too to show ur private area to public lo... Models are hired just to pose and take pic, not show off like this way.

Therefore She is a self-employed model at the Super Import Nights show.Meaning She pay for the ticket just to come in for photographer to shoot her.

Here are some pic of Tracy. Actually i dun wish to talk abt it but now Storm, Flicker etc are all talking abt her and so many pic of her.....

Some poses like the one she lies on the car, obviously she just show off her below to them... She dun even bother to pull down her dress too...

I heard that she was being chased out of the Hall and her heels were broken. Wonder if it is true. Hope there wont be free show again...

04 October, 2009

Thanks frens who came down to Expo :] They are, teck seng, Dad, bert, Hong hwee, Ming etc and lastly is my Bb :]

Lazy to write so update pic will do...

Sick for the past few days. fever gone up to 39.2 degree celcius..... Luckily Bb fetch me to consult doctor so i am feeling better. Cos i been eating panadol but my fever did not subside at all.... been resting at home since fri till today....
Argh.... gonna work tml again :(

Btw i wont be working for this coming Car show Asia Auto Salon this weekend due to some reasons so i got Kit, Bernise and Jacey to do the job :[ ....