29 March, 2009

Guys Pls vote for me for the top 100 FHM in this format:
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Didnt went for the FHM party held last fri (27/03/09) cos had to do Tiger beer event :[ Cos Desmond prefer me to work and dun like to find replacement. After work on fri, head down to Shi Hao bday BBQ at east coast till 2 plus 3am den Bin fetch me home cos Bb sick so i ask him to go homeand rest.

Than sat (28/03/09) i did a SOL event.

Yeah finally earning more $$$$ this time. Will be teaching a pri 4 student 1 to 1 session every monday and thur and do roving on wed and fri too.

Hope Bb will have a speedy recovery :]

22 March, 2009

This whole week kept playing Mj and Bb kept accompanying me and stay at my home. Suppose to attend school today but felt lazy and restless so decide to go K-box with jennise. Out of sudden Bb sms me and tell me lots of his feeling. Im lost of words but thanks Bb i neo u still care and love me that is why u came to find me right after work in the morning. Muackz :]

Mj again with zheng, his gf and 2 fren and Bin till 3am+. Play 3-6 this time round. its my first time playing 3-6 myself without bb helping me to look out but luckily still won $55. Suppose to win $95 but i threw to zheng fren suo zi even i neo he bao suo zi. Damn lo, dunno wad i thinking also cos i only got 1 tai but nvm got win can le.

Jia wei came to my home to use com to type something den he fetch me to Bb home den Bb fetch me to work at East Coast. Bb was patient and sweet of him to wait and acc me thru out the 3 hours of work and even delicated songs for me before he went to kallang to meet his frens to kick football and came to fetch me over to acc and watch him play den we went to had our supper Frog porriage at bukit timah den head home sweet home to Zzzzzz. Stupit Bb at first dun wan to bath and slp de, so stinks as he was sweating alot while kicking football but i manage to drag and Polo So him to bath den allow him to lie on my bed.

Bb woke up and buy Swensens ice-cream cake for my bro bday but too bad we cant attend cos i got to work :[ Den we went to Bb house nearby to had Lamb soup for our late lunch den evening bb fetch me to work again. For the march weekend i be working for this Tiger beer event so there be more $$$ :] After work Bro came to fetch me and we head to Dragonfly to celebrate his Bday. Happy Bday bro!!!!!! Bro, me and jennise drank quite alot. We play 5-10 and i kept lose lo damn. We reach home by ard 6am den bert suggest to have Mac breakfast so Bert fetch me and we went to had our breakfast and by the time we reach home its already 7am. Yawn...........
Happy 35th Bday Bro

Bb didnt went to work today cos he got a serious headache maybe due to not enought of rest cos he play Mj yest till 3am+. Bb than went for a hair cut today and went to Lao po home to dye hair before coming to my home den we went to Jp to watch movie but seems like no nice moovie to watch so we head to Bb home den he order pizza and slack till 11pm+ and head home.

15 March, 2009

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14 March, 2009

FHM magazine is out now!!!!!!

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Been working yest and today for a tiger beer event. Was damn tired and my foot is sore due to my heels wearing for 4 hours walking here and there without sitting :[

Yest after work, ise fetch me and we went for supper than went to st james to join his fren to drink. Reach home abt 5am den woke up ard 12 noon and prepare to go school than rush off to work again. But its worht while when i saw $$$$$ coming in :] Tat stupit jia wei kept calling and disturb me lo but anw i neo u are just kidding and thanks for the vote :]

11 March, 2009

Ppl out there pls get a copy of FHM magazine for the april issue out on 13 march and vote for me.

Anyway, I'll be at Zirca for FHM Girl next door contest this 27th . Come support me and the rest of the girls :]

Sian school start today le :( Feel kinda bored esp just came back from holiday :( Hope to find a full time job soon.

10 March, 2009

I'm Back from Thailand le............It been years since i step into Thailand and It was fun yet tiring due to shopping, praying non stop. I shall let the pictures do some talking.

( Day 1 ) 06-03-09

Can u see the plane shadow on this beautiful country. This means we are landing soon :]

Thailand here i come!!!!!!!!

Once we touch down, we went to the book in the hotel at Pathumwan Princess Hotel and right outside is MBK shopping mall just like the hotel at Parco junction bugis that close. Than we went to had our dinner at chinatown than went to the night market to shop.

Back in the hotel to put our stuff and shopping bag, Bin, Bb, dad and me went to a live band pub to drink and relax.
( Day 2 ) 07-03-09
Slept abt 1 hour only than being force to wake up cos we are going to couple of temple to pray in the early morning abt 4am as the journey is damn far.

Finally reach hotel in the evening and den met Bin, Bb, dad and me to a steamboat restaurent
at MBK. Wad make this restaurant interesting is those waiter and waitress will dance suddenly when the music is on which u dun get to see this in singapore. After eatting, we went to watch the Thai Gal show. OMG, its damm disgusting and i didnt watch finish and left. Than Bin, Bb and me went to HollyWood which is a thai disco. Its damm big in there and happening too.

( Day 3 ) 08-03-09

We sat the Tu- Tu car to pray at the 4 face buddha and donate money to buy coffin for those who are poor and those ppl who do not have any relatives to buy coffin for them in the morning den to shop again till evening.
Bin shop till his leg is pain so went to buy this KuKu slipper to match his jean and shirt lol.
On the way back to hotel, we saw this very big dog. Its much more bigger alot then Husky lo... Dun u think this dog look like a bear.. Oo
Den i went to do my nails and its damm cheap can while the rest either went back to hotel to rest or went to foot massage. It cost only abt $70 for my arcylic nails and normal pedicure. Than after tat we went to chinatown to had our dinner and birdnest.
Saw this very gigantic durain at chinatown. Dunno inside got alot of durain not lo ha.
Than while having dinner, i saw this guy bringing an elephant to the road asking ppl to buy the bread from him to feed the elephant. Damm interesting cos u dun see that big dog, gigantic durain, elephant on streets, servers dancing in the restaurant while customer eating etc.
Than after our dinner and birdnesr, we went to massage our whole body. Its also very cheap lo, less than $20 for a 2 hour full body massage. Its damm shiol and realx till i fall asleep. Wanted to disco but was very tired after tat so decided to head back hotel to sleep.
( Day 4 ) Last Day 09-03-09

It was a memoriable trip for me. Will visit agian soon :]

09 March, 2009

Receive more photos from the photographers tat i had photoshoot with them some time ago.
Enjoy :]