25 February, 2009

Celebrated my Sis & Sis in law 33rd bday today. Both of their bday is in the same year, same month and same day. But both of thier character is total different.
We went to the Spore flyer den to the Merlion there to sit the bumpy boat den had our dinner at Swensens.


22 February, 2009

Went to the singapore flyer with my family yest as it was my sis & sis-in-law bday. will take the pictures from jennise and upload soon.

Another good news is Bb & i going to Thailand from 6-9 march. First time sitting plane with him and my ever first bf. Cant wait for the day to come.

This is the photo frame board tat i did for Bb to hang up in his room a few days ago. Hope he likes it :]

21 February, 2009

Males Models For Online Magazine Photoshoot

Job Title:
Male Models for Online Magazine Photoshoot!

Job Details and Description:
Looking for male models with or without experience for a photoshoot for a online magazine spread.Theme will be beach, undergarment and also normal fashion clothing.

Will be paid $100-$500 depend on the number of shoots taken.

If interested pls provide name, contact no, email and a full length of topless pictures of yours in shorts, boxer or underwear to jennifer_ng88@hotmail.com.

19 February, 2009

After consideration i think i will go for the FHM shoot this moday with kaye & maybe pearly. And yeah think will be going to Thai during march with Bb :] Hope the days come faster. I am a happy gal :]

16 February, 2009

FHM people just sms again and inform me that they left 2 time slot only for me. OMG should i go? After sweet talking with Bb, he sort of letting me go but should i?

Anw there are some pics taken some time ago but forgot to update. Some are with frens taken during K-box. Bb came to find me but i forgot to take with him =x I am too engross taking pics with my secondary sch fren le.
Wei Rong
Shu Min
Photos taken with my family having Lao Yu Sheng dinner at Jumbo restaurent at Kallang.
My Beloved family
My cute and chubby Neice Rui Xin

15 February, 2009


How did u guys spend ur Vday with ur love ones?
Well baby bropught me to Pasir Ris to had our romantic dinner just right beside the beach plus live bands singing love songs. Its damn windy and relax. At tat point of time i threw all my worries etc into the sea and enjoying every single min with him. Bb even delicate a song which both of us met the first time which is Nothing Gonna Change My Love For U :] So sweet of him. I Love U Baby MuackZ.

Had a stroll along the beach after our dinner and head home. Baby was tired so he slept not long once he lie on my bed. Not long jennise call up and ask to go chilled out with bro they all at Boat Quey, so i prepare and Wen Bo came to fetch us down. Its my first time drinking with my bro and even did something tat i should not do in front of him too, maybe he drank too much so didnt say me ba ha. Anw Baby did not go as he be working early the next day. We went to a pub and order a barrier of beer and its also my first time drinking so much and playing dice with bert, end up keep losing to him :[ Its quite fun going out with all of them. After we drank finish, we went to St james and continue. Almost puke at Wen Bo car but luckily i manage to hold till to the toilet. Felt alot better and continue to party till 6am. Enjoy my day with bro they all :]

13 February, 2009

Went to shop around Jurong point after eating Sushi and saw this GoldHeart having this Photogenic couple contest and decide to take :]

12 February, 2009

Receive a sms frm FHM and guess wad........ I am selected for this year top 100 gals. But sad to say baby dun allow me to join :[ Cos he say its a sort of playboy magazine etc. If not i be going to theier studio tml or sat for the shoot. Instead of going to the shoot tml, i be going to the zoo with baby tml.

10 February, 2009

Photos taken during the last shoot. Yeah now waiting for Bb to finish work and fetch me to eat my fav frog porriage at geylang :]