31 May, 2009

Realise that i didnt blog for quite some days. Been busy this few days.....
Any went to work for tiger event after work till 12am on fri 29 May den went to sabai sabai to celebrate Tian Pei bday. Bb, Charlie, shi hao, guo yuan, bert, jennise, lam, lam gf etc was there. Total open 2 canon of martell!!!

Lam gf was super cute lo and nice to hug too ha.... She was so sweet to take care of me etc. Saw sze ying sis there too.
What a pity that i forgot to bring out my camera :[

Left about 4am. damn shack.......

Yest night play mj with zheng they all and lose $40. *#$%@#^&*+#%. Guess i am not so lucky this few days.

Just went to JB with family today and did facial at holiday plaza and shop while dad polish his car etc before heading back.

Bb bday is just 2 more weeks and i planning to bring Bb to cruise and more surprise :]

21 May, 2009

Yest mediacorp call me up for a Tv drama casting on next wed :]

Been moody, sad, disappointed, andry yest. Fuck U bitch.... I always thought u are a understanding lady but U ARE NOT!!!!!

Forget it..... Hope everything goes smoothly for me :]

17 May, 2009

Didnt update blog for quite some time. Been very busy with work, studies etc.

Went for a casting at mediacorp on 3 May and saw Janice. She was the model for the Motorshow 2008 for Honda Bike while i work for Nissan.

Saw Kai Jun, Sylvia when i went to Fly sometime ago.
[ Kai Jun ]

[ Sylvia ]
Didnt went to work on 14, 15 may cos my eye was swollen :[
Went to casting despite my eye was swollen on 15 May, Fri.
Yest 16 May went to school den head to sis house to look for her and chatted with her and nite, bert, jennise, bro, da sao, Bb and i head to Tanjong Pagar to drink.
Will update soon......

01 May, 2009

Been rather busy lately.
Work, work and still work......
Finally can have a good rest today.
Yest go Butt house and play mj with them, lose $20 damn...
Sunday gonna go mediacorp for a casting with khloe and silver....

Sometime i just hope u will spend more time and put me first before anythings.....