24 November, 2009

I dun reali like guys to have long hair with those gold colour hair and esp single eye lid guy. But he is damn handsome and cute :] He got a sweet smile that will melt gals heart and the gentleness from his eyes. Love his songs and his show...

Officialy i am jobless from this coming monday onwards.. But got interview this thur, hopefully i am selected cos i am 1 of the shortlisted candidates.
Will be meeting Bb after work today and go NTUC to buy grocerry as we are cooking tonight...
I hope god will understand my feeling even though i nv show out....

20 November, 2009

After consideration, i decided to attend my company Annual Dinner at KL from Dec 3 to 6.

Btw i think i stop modelling at the moment first cos i been putting on braces. It dont look nice and some client do not like too.
Many job opportunity but some i dun like working and pay is not so high too :[

Shall continue modelling after my braces taken off and by than i will have 2 rows of straight teeth :]

Awaiting for that day when my braces is off..................

17 November, 2009

I dunno how and wad to do now!!!!
So confuse...
Have to work and study, how to cope????
So stress....
IF i dun wanna go to KL for my company DnD den i am consider unpaid leave.
If i go KL, i scare i fail my exam and got to remodule.
OMG.... God pls help me.... There are so many things that i need to do and my projects too :[

15 November, 2009

21st Bday celebration from 6th to 9th Nov

After work on Fri (6 Nov), Bb came to fetch me home to prepare my stuff to stay at chalet. Bb and i head down to the Bungalow chalet first.

We walk around the Bungalow chalet den both of us went to the nearest shopping mall to have our dinner at Macdonald den Bb say he wanna wash hand and disappear for about 15min. I was thinking how come he wash hand for so long? I was abt to look for him when he came back. I was frustrated and ask him where did he go and he say he went to transfer $$ to Mr H, but his hp is with me so how he neo Mr H acc no si i question him den he kept quiet.

Than we head back to chalet after eating and brought beer. Than the rest came and we play mj...
Suddenly Bb ask me to play cos he wanna go toilet so i take over. Suddenly the whole Bungalow no electricity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was scared cos it was damn dark, i could not even see my finger so u can imagine how dark it was. Just when Dad was abt to check the electricity near the door, Bb came in with a Brownie on his hand and a candle on it :] The clock strick at 12am by than.

What a surprise and shock Bb gave me :]
He even sang Bday song for me too. So sweet of him....

Ha so all the while why he disappear from Macdonald is because he went to the cake shop to buy cake and rush back to the car to keep den come back find me. So silly of him but i like.
Muackie Mario :]

Let all the pic do the talking of the 4 days stay at the Bungalow Chalet :]

( Below are the pics where i take the view of the Bungalow Chalet we staying. Damn big with 3 Rooms, 3 Toilets, 1 Activity room, Living room, Kitchen, Dinning area, Garage, Garden, Bbq pit, 3 Balcony )

( Below are some pics of our Bday 3 layer Cake. The 1st layer below is their signature Black forest with a little Wine added, 2nd layer is mango moose and 3rd layer which is on the top is Triramasu )

( My neice Claire 10th Bday fall on the 9th of Nov but she celebrated together with us on the day )

( Group of frens ) Its Bin bday too as his bday fall on the same day as moine. Happy Bday Bro :]

( 1 of the Photographer Jeremy Wee )

( My Family of 13 members )

( Besti Sy & her Bf )Thanks for coming down even thought u lie to me u wont be coming down but still u came to surprise me :]

( My Bro family of 3 )

( Bb & me )

( My adorable neice Rui Xin )

( Twinny Winny )

( Gift from mom )

( Gift from Jolin, Kenneth, Joel etc )

( Gift From Bb )

Thanks to those who came down :] Appreciated
Thanks Ah ming, Bin, Jia wei, Teck seng, Kim parent and Sis for the Big Fat ang pow.
Thanks Mon for the LV bag.
Thanks Bro, sis in law for the nice and huge 3 layer cake.
Thanks to my MDIS peeps for the Bvlgari and Salvatone Fevragamo perfume.
Thanks Bb for the LV Pochette Milia.
Thanks jia wen and his fren, Lam and his gf, Shi hao etc for coming down. Hope i did not miss out anyone. If i missed out any so sorry :x


06 November, 2009

Counting down to 1 More Day......

Bb will be fetching me after work and i be heading home to prepare and head down to my Bungalow Chalet :]