23 May, 2010

Been sometime since i update my blog. Just lazy to update.

Started my new job just a week ago. Right now i am working at Macdonald HQ at King Albert Park under the department od MDS.

Jobscope is to reply and check customer feedback on delivery side like y they cannot access to Mcdelivery, change of their info, refund of their credit card payment, reports etc. Kinda tought as its very confusing and i got to becareful as i am dealing with credit card payment refund...

Hopefully i can stay long cos their benefits is gd and wrking hr damn short from 8.45am to 5pm only and 5 days work.

But my mentor and manager left from my department :[ They treat me very gd esp my mentor. Sian MNCs company always full of politics. Dunno why esp those aunties, or lady like to bitch ard even its not their fucking business. I will endure and just focus and do well my job! I will give myself 1 month to adapt.

Now almost every weekend go drink. Yest go Atlantis with pearly, Bb and Bin. Alot of things happen lately in wrk, amd some bo liao stuff hai.

I am gonna wrk hard for my future..... Jia You Jen :]

01 May, 2010

Pic receive from sweetie at NeverLand last week.
Had lots of fun, embarrasing moment with kaye :[ Babe u neo wad i mean rite lol.
Let the picture do the talking cos i lazy to write lol.

[My Lao Po, Livia]

[Sweetie Kaye, pls dun drink alot next time lol]

[With Zarine, me and sweetie]

[ Beloved Bb]

[ Jimmy, my mahjong kakis]

[Bro look happy with so many beauties beside him ha :x ]

[Bin, bro ]

[Jimmy and his fren whom is a teacher in a Sec sch. Handsome and young too. Told Jimmy hw cum i never had such a handsome and young teacher in my Sec sch ha]

[ Another sweetie of mine, Pearly Zhen Zhu]

Gonna meet them all soon to drink.. Mis the fun :]

29 April, 2010

Alot of unhappy thing happen in office recently so i quitted even thought i love this job.
Just dun understand y those aunties get jealous wen the technicians treat me better den them lo.
And like to treat me so gd yet another face in front of boss.

Anw i be going for interview tml. Hope pay is gd etc :]

Below r pic of me and my collegues in Antiants.

[ Kaye , accounts ]
Btw i intro kaye in to work with me and we had lots of fun like during break, we went to the smoking area and we take cardboard.............. only both of us neo and two technicians ha :]

[ Huey sze, sales ]

Yours Truly :]

[Maria, accounts]

[Steff, PA]

[ Alex, Technicians ]

[Li cheng, accounts]

[ Joanne, accounts ]

[ Finally group pic ]

There is still alot of collegues abt 20 plus which we never get to take :[ And i left le, so sad.
I miss them all except couple of 2 sided face fuckers.
Anw i agree i made a harsh decision and was sad tat sweetie kaye acc me to drink despite she working next day. Thx alot babe, i miss u lots :]

Well gonna update wad i doing the past weeks or days.
Went to Neverland with Bb, Bin, Kaye, Jimmy, Kaye etc last Fri 23/04/10. HAd lots of fun. Gonna take the pic from sweetie soon and load.
Today Bb and i went to JB to shop, massage etc. Pearly at first gonna join us but cant find her passport :[
I wanna meet up my babe soon [Kaye, Pearly, Tracy etc]
Miss u all :]

11 April, 2010

Went to East Coast Park with Bb and sis family yest :]
We fly kite, ride bicycle etc.
Enjoy my day with them.

Everything went well and smooth for me. No matter in my career, relationship and my family except some very small issues that bother me.

What i can say is the world is reali round. How u treat and trying to be funny with me in the past, it will all be return back!!! Before u said those words out yest, i think i am the one should be saying that to u den u said to me cos u told a stranger abt my secret... So who should not be consider as a F ????

But i seriously hope we can be the same in the past and everything to be smooth :]

22 March, 2010

Pokerun Event

Lazy to write the event details so i shall let the picture do osme of the talking :]

Was having fever since last sat but still i went out to Jac pub with tracy and pearly and left abt 4am and they head to Neverland but Bb came to fetch me hm le. Was still sick on sun and today so i did not went to work today. Gonna rest well cos i do not wish to keep taking leave during probation.

12 March, 2010

3 Good News to share with everyone.

1. I found a Day Full time job and paying quite good :]

2. I am selected to work this Sunday for a biker event at Botak Jones @ Toa Payoh from 12 to 4pm+

3. I am selected to work for a Vespa bike event on 26March at Zicra but timing not confirm.

Do come down to support ya esp bike lovers :] See Ya!!!!!!

24 February, 2010

Sat (20/02/10), Pearly andi work tgt and after work,we went to meet jacklin @ Neverland and had lots of fun.
There is a guy who even 'Diao Hua' for each of us -_-''
After Neverland we went to Bai Bar to look for Jaclin fren who den brought us home.
Enjoy my days with the ladies today. Gonna meet pearly this sat again :]

Sun (21/02/10) went to my cousin condo @ Tanan Merah with my family to bai nian den Jennise and i decided to go sis house @ bukit gombak for mj. While in cab on our way over it started to drizzling and we are stuck in the PIE expressway when we met an accident. I was shock as it was too sudden and the impact is damn big. Total there were 6 vehicals in a row, there is 3 cabs, 2 car and 1 bike I was in the 5 vehicals. Rang up Bb and mom. Not long my bro and dad came and fetch us to the hospital. Total took 6 days MC as i injured my neck area and knee :[ Gonna rest well.

Recieved Basket of fruits from the cab company 'COMFORTDELGRO'

Today (24/02/10) Bb and i woke up late morning and we head to Lavender to collect passport den off we go to town area to purchase my valetines present. Guess what he brought for me????? Its a present tat i wanted and that is I-Phone :]

Thx Bb for all the present. Hugs it. I know you will always be there for me and trust me :]
Another good news is i am selected to work for a Biker event on march :]