29 November, 2008

Drag myself out of the bed again andprepare before head down to Eleganz model to do my portfolio shoot. Suppose to reach there by 9am but was late. Hai too tired le, i think i slept abt 3 hours only :[ The shoot took abt 7 hours which include make up and hair done by the make up artist. Was so tired when i reach home but i never slp instead i help out my parents to do their stuff than nite play Mahjong till midnite. Won $11 dollars. Cant imagine how i survive my whole day.


Today was our Family day. Woke up around 12 pm and Bb came over to my house and my family & us together head down to Bukit Purmi ( dunno how to spell ) to had our lunch. Their Lor Mee is very nice & famous than head down to Sentosa meeting my sis they all. We played the Luge & the skyride. It was damm fun.

Than we head to the beach to play and chat till late evening than head to Vivi City to had our dinner & head home. Play Mahjong again with jennise, Bro & Bb till midnite.

Look at the beautiful sunset behine us

28 November, 2008

So tired today. Got to force myself to wake up and drag myself to the bathroom to wash up before heading to school. Today actually got to do another event at Changi Airbase from 4.30pm to 8.30 pm but i turn it down due to i got another event at 9 pm so i gotta rush if i do this event and Changi is damm far from my home & lastly the pay is not reali that high too :[ Tml got to do a photoshoot by Eleganz models in the early morning in his studio together with jennise but lucky i do not need to do my own make up & hair if not i gotta wake up more early. Another good news is Bb won the champion for the PSA soccer match yest so he got 2 more extra leave for him :] So proud for him.

22 November, 2008

Genevieve & me

Bb took leave today and accompany me as he fetch me yest nite after work. Woke up around noon 3pm den wash up & meet Bb at Jp to watch Madacascar 2. Its quite a funny & cute show :] After watching finish, Bb brought me to Kiddy Palace & brought me a huge Baby piglet cos he neo i love piglets so much thanks hubby. & before that i brought him a Dumbo elephant too cos it look so cute just like him. Than we went to GNC to collect his big bottles of weight gainer & head home and slack till abt 1 am than i went home. Yawn....... Love u my beloved Dumbo. *Muackies*

18 November, 2008

Some Random pictures that i forgot to post.

16 November, 2008

This week is very busy due to school and work etc. Tml will be going for casting for the intel roadshow as i am one of the shortlisted gals and will be bringing pearly going to phantom models for another casting than will be meeting Grace for interview under Angel models i think. than goona study at nite as i am gonna have exam on Wed OMG.............. Its like so rush and i have to run against the time. Hope everything is smooth. Any gals interesed in doing roving and Johnney walker at pub or club pls drop me a comment. Thanks cos i need more gals :]

10 November, 2008

I am a happy girl. Yest after school shu min and claire accompany me to chinatown. I sign a 2 year contract with Phantom models :] than i had a casting for Soft drinkd advertisements with Phantom models. Any Girl or Guy interested? Than after everything, we head home & Bb came to find me and jennise, Bb and me play Mj for 4 rounds and i lost $30. By the time we finished playing its already 2am so Bb slept over at my house and went to work in the morning. Gonna meet him later again. $$$$$$$ pls come !!!!!!!!!!

07 November, 2008

Happy Bday To Me !!!!!!!!!!!!

So eager to see whats my another surprise is.... Last year Bb brought me to Jacks Place to have western dinner and a diamond necklest but this time Hubby brought me to Vivo city to walk & we intend to watch movie but its too late so we decided to give it a miss. Than around evening, Bb brought me to Prima Tower and we had our sumptuous and romentic dinner up there & we can see the nice view around us esp at night, the scenary is so beautiful. Having ur love one by yourside to have a romentic dinner, looking at the scenary together, chatting together was a paradise that i always wanted :] Thanks my Love.

Than while we eating, those waitress dunno why keep staring at us and talk something. Till their boss come and talk to us than we neo what are they talking abt. They were guessing our age & my occupation. Funny rite, they tot i am Air stewardess or Beauty consultant etc ha. But overall they are very friendly and their service is very good too. After eating, we went to shop at Vivo a while and head home to cut cake with my family. Hope all my wish will come true :]

Thanks Dumbo Hubby for everything u prepare & done. I LOVE U......

06 November, 2008

This coming monday will be going down to Phantom models for interview. Hope i can be selected and sign 2 years contract with them and meanwhile Eleganz models offer me 4 events, if i am selected than i can get at least 4digit of $$$$$. Hope i am selected.... God bless :]

03 November, 2008

Went to meet Bb after school & accompany him to see doctor. But his company private clinic refer him to Hospital due to the forehead injuries. Accompany him from 1pm to 7.30pm and the results is doctor recommend him to stay at the hospital for observations but after some disscusions & x-ray taken, the doctor ask bb to go home & dun need to stay at the hospital le. Was so scare but after wad the doctor say, everyone was relief. Cos we didnt expect it to be quite serious. Went to Vivo for dinner than head to Bb home. Collect the present which Jia wei brought for us. [ A couple shirt, A box of face sheet mask which only taiwan Sasa got, A unique lighter & A keychain ]

The lighter which he brought for him & ming they all were so unique & thanks for the face sheet mask and the shirt jia wei. Happy belated to U :]

01 November, 2008

Yest after celebrating Lam bday, Dumbo & i was too tired so we decided to head home & slp while the rest went to have supper. Tot i could slp longer but Dumbo woke me up ard 12pm :[ So we had our lunch which mom brought for us den we head down to town shop. Both of us brought 2 Levis jeans. I brought 1 skinny jean & he brought 1 straight cut. Than we walk ard when he brought me a bag which i fancy from LV. So happy & love it alot. Thanks my love. Its 1 of the bday surprises for my bday he says. Cant wait for my bday & see wads more surprise i will get :]

Than after shopping etc, we head down to AMK to his aunt game shop to have dinner & mean while yo buy gold ankle braclet for his bro baby Jovan. After eatting and purchase the ankle braclet, we went to his bro house chat, play with jovan, talk alot with mei ling sis than head to home sweet home. Was feeling exhausted but happy too. Thanks hubby for everything. I neo u dotes me the most. Dun dare to spent $ on urself but always buy things for me. Always save all the best for me. I LOVE U :]