23 December, 2008

Finally received the photos from Albert. Will be going to a casting for Hotstuff soon. Wish me luck :]

18 December, 2008

  1. I hope to get a stable office job after Chinese New Year and mean while continue my studies for advance diploma.
  2. I hope to have a no worries and carefree life.
  3. I hope to have more frens & not enemy and i dislike ppl who better nothing to do and trying to go round doing stupit things, talking rubbish just to make ppl hate.
  4. Control my spendings and save lots of money.
  5. Go Taiwan with the 2 babes ( Tracy & Pearly ) on March.
  6. Stay together blissful and happily with my baby for eternity.
  7. Hope all my family & Bb will have a good health and stay happily.
  8. Dun ever let me meet till ''Xiao Ren''.

Hope my 2009 New Year Resolutions will come true :]

Next sat which is on the 27 Dec, i gonna have a outdoor paid shoot again. The theme is casual and i got jennise in for this paid shoot as well :] Hope i could earn more and more money as time pass by. Gonna ask pearly (my consultant) how to save money le ha...

17 December, 2008

Went to the Trix Ventures company to clarify some matters than jennise & i shop around till evening than she head home while i head to JP to meet pearly yo chat. We chatted alot for one whole hour plus than head home. Some things is better to talk out and clarify and she neos how i feel exactly too :] Thanks for ur listening ear babe. Hope this matter will NOT continue cos i hope there is peace and not endless quarrel or trying to do harm to another party etc. Will meet them again soon to drink, cos last fri do not reali drink alot but indeed happy and funny to be this 2 babes. Alot of funny jokes etc. See ya..........

15 December, 2008

Had an early Christmas celebration yesterday with my family and Bb at sis house. Sis brought everyone a gift include Bb too :] Sis brought me a cute & beautiful lime green Chocolate Fondue

Than we play a family game but i forgot wads the name for the boardgame. Its been a while since all of us gather together and play so happily. Than we had our ice cream log cake where i brought it from Swensens.

Today Bb brought me to shop at town. Than i notice this gorgoges Guess Watch and Bb straight brought it for me. Thanks Baby for this gorgoges watch :]

Thanks Bb for this wonderful christmas present. Hearts it so much muackz. I am such a happy gal. Had a wonderful Bf and family by myside.

08 December, 2008

Went to pub yest at selegi with Bb, lam, shi hao, sun ren, butt and peeps. We stay there till 4 plus than leave. Saw someone tat i should not see. Fuck him!!!! Mother Fucker!!!!! Son of the bitch!!!!
Gonna have test tml, hope i am not bar from the exam.

06 December, 2008

Indeed this time round the time pass so fast, pearly & i should end work at 1am sharp but in the end we work till1am plus thasn she gotta rush to change everything and take cab to Fly to meet her bf. Damm funny lo, both of us were running to and fro like crazy gal.Than i went to Bukit Gombak to find Baby cos he playing Mj than after tat, we went to Geylang to eat frog porriage again than head back to my home to slp.

04 December, 2008

Work with pearly last nite. Instead of working, we were slacking, chatting non stop and smoking ha.Working with her is fun :) Tml will be working with her again but at different places this time round. Hope it gonna be more fun & hope time will pass faster.

01 December, 2008

Meet baby in the noon. Must be wondering who is baby rite? The baby is my Bb, he says he likes me to call him tat ha. Anyway, he fetch me & we went to Alexandra to pay his bike installment and head down to town to shop.

Baby brought me a white dress and we had our snacks than went to Paradis Centre Hey Hey Hot Pot for casting organise by Terrance (Cao Guo Wei).

And i was selected for the Tobacco events :]

Than after tat meet up with livia and chat than We continue to walk ard town area and head home.