26 January, 2010

Went for an interview just now at raffles, hope to be selected den tml morning another interview.... Tml Noon got exam on Operation & production management den after exam, meet jennise for facial at Mary Chia.....
Yeah i am selected for the S'pore Airshow 2010 tgt with jennise and suppose to work on 3 & 5 Feb but due to my work schedule, i am gonna ask Amanda to replace me on 3 Feb.
Guys do come support, we be working from 10 to 2pm.
Next i be working for a private event too on the 9 Feb and again more photoshoots coming :]
More saving and $$ to spend too......
Valentimes Day is coming, i am still unsure what to get for Bb... Maybe help him to change sports sit for his car?? But he say dun wan cos he dun wan me to waste money but i knew he always wanted it.... So maybe i will......................

16 January, 2010

Went to DragonFly again with sis , bro , Bb and frens again on 16th Jan :]
Bb is sick but still acc me go.
Everyone was damn high after drinking 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of Hennessy. Esp Big and 2nd Sis...
Chatted alot with 2 sis too, felt better and manage to settle some stuff after talking with them...
Left there about 4am and den head for supper but i slp in the car...
Beloved Bb and i

Zhi wen
James Bro

My Beloved 2 Sis
Julia & Colin
Bro & Sis
Bro & Sis
Vincent Bro

Bb & Vincent Bro

Big Sis & Jen

Second Sis & Jen

Enjoyed myself with them. Hearts Hearts....

13 January, 2010

Went to Party world with Sis, Bro, zhi wen etc on 2/01/10 (Sat) at Shenton way den we went to Dragonfly and continue party till 5am+.
So happy and enjoy ourself.

9/01/10 ( Sat ), Bb and i met with jia wei, Zhi wen and Bin( Bro ) to Dragonfly to drink tha balance and order Beer too.
Lazy to type so will put up some pic instead.

This coming Sat we be going to Fly again with Sis, Bro etc :]

*Beloved Bb*



*Zhi Wen*

03 January, 2010

Yest went over to Bb house den evening i went over to Zhi wen shop and chatted etc till abt 10pm, Bin came to fetch us and we play mj till 3am at Kelly bf hm while zhi wen acc us thru out till he fall asleep at someone house outside the sofa lol... lose $50 :[
Some Over due pictures from various occassion and outing.

Kat & i

Victoria secret perfume and body lotion set from sis for Xmas

Bb & i taken on Xmas eve at Melody

Kat, Pei, Jennise and Me @ NaNa after drinking at Melody with gangs

Xiao Xiong wedding

Taken @ PowerHouse with jennise & jolin

02 January, 2010

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01 January, 2010

Year 2010

Been lazy to update blog so this i shall make a long entry but no photos :( ....

This few day been working non stop and Mj too.....
Christmas eve and New year eve been going to pub melody to drink with kat, jennise, bert, ernest, guo yuan etc....

New Year eve before we go to pub melody for drinks, we all went to malaysia to do bert car etc and had dinner before we came out. Saw the Fireworks at Marina bay from the Malaysia to Spore custom the bridge.

New year i went to Bin sis house for mj and won $110 den i stay at sis house till Bb came den sis, vincent bro sit Bb car and off we went to fetch Zhi wen from shop and went to Shenton way party world and meet up with elder sis, james bro, bin etc.We sang till abt 2.45am den off we went to Atlantis but surprisingly its close so we went to Dragonfly to continue drink and party till6am......
Feel so happy with sis they all. We dance and drank but something happen which spoil Zhi wen mood but still we continue to party :] I hope they be fine soon :]

Next i am gonna write on 2010 Resolution.

  • I hope all my friends, family & Bb will have a healthy life, happy and do everything will be smoothly for them.
  • Those who have problems, i hope they will solve it and end in a happy ending.
  • I hope to had my driving licensce soon [ but i lazy to go only so drag till this year :x ]
  • I hope to reali found a good and stable job soon.
  • More $$$$ [ Who does not want to have more $$? ]
  • More outing with sis and frens
  • Holiday to Tai wan with Bb [ Plan to go on Jan 15th but Bb leave might not approve :x ]
  • Holiday to Thai with sis and bro again [ Elder sis just mention to go again, hope no cock up pls ]
  • Bb will have lesser problem on something which he know who i refer to.
  • I hope to have a more carefree life.
  • Meet more Gui ren and not Xiao ren.

What is your 2010 Resolution??