31 July, 2009

After finish work at 5pm, i Will be rushing off to Clementi for a event roadshow for Ambi Pur at Clementi Caltex later den after the 2 hour event, i am going to Bq to work for Coversey......

This sat gonna work a event for Tiger Airway....

As i see my saving digit increases, i feel so happy :]

Wed (29/07/09)
I told Bb tat i have the urge to have Tom Yum steamboat at Marine Parade.
Bb say dun wan cos very far and sure got heavy traffic de den i say nvm lo
But Bb can see how disspointed i am and drove me there to eat :] Thanks Bb.
Than after eating, Bb go home take his work stuff and head my home when i suggest to wash his car at my house multi carpark.

Well i regret it cos it was so exhausted :[
Bb still scare i never wash properly lo, keep remaining me tat there must scrub, here must scrub. Kaoz, help u still so bossy....

Once i reach home, i bath and off to my Lala land.
Bb also say next time dun wanna wash himself le haha....

22 July, 2009

Did a AIA trophy award babes last week with Joanna, Gillian, Jennise, Serene, Janice and me. Too many of photos to upload.
Lets the picture do the talking....

These are the photos edited by Serene

This pic taken by Serene when the rest of the girls went for a hair cut so Serene & i went to Tea Dot to chat and relax.

[ Serena, Me, Joanna ]

[ Janice, Joanna, Gillian, Jennise, Serene, Me and Janelle ]

Our legs are so pain after walking here and there so at the back stage, this is what we did.
Bare footed, So unglam :x

17 July, 2009

Last sat ( 11/07/09 )
Brought Qq to Pasir Ris park with jennise, bert, sis, jiefu, dad, my 2 precious neice and nephew for picnic.

I brought tuna etc and prepare sandwhich and drinks for them.
We chatted and play with Qq den after tat, we went to Thomson for dinner at Ivins and thanks maria to look after Qq in the car so that we could go eat in the air conditioner restaurent with ease.
Guess she was exhausted she she sleep right beside me in sitting position. Damn Cute luh :]
Once reach home, i went to the living room and wath tv and there she was again lying beside me and sleep.... Bb say i wan her but dun wan him le.
Pls Bb dun get jealous over her k :]
[ Does she look like a carpet or bear? ]
Cos passerby were saying : 'See got a bear coming' :[ when i brought her for a walk
But Bb say she look like a carpet lol...
Bb u dun like her den u say like tat de is it????
Anw, i did enjoy my outing with my family and Qq :]

TUE (14/07/09)
Before Bb fetch me after work, Bb fetch charlie and jia wei den fetch me at my work place and head to Jp for dinner at Piaza Hut den we walk ard first and den fetch charlie and jia wei home den i acc Bb to yew tee to pay respect to his dad shi fu at his funeral.

Wed (15/07/09)
Meet up with kiki after work at bukit timah to trim and reborn our hair.By the time we finish its already 10pm+. Bb came to fetch us and we went to eat Frog porriage before we head home.

Thur (16/07/09)
After work, i met gillian at boon lay, jennise at jurong and joanna at cityhall and head to Swisshotel ballroom for AIA awards trophy girls rehersal and briefing etc and head home.
Was very exhausted.

10 July, 2009

Rui yang Bday

Yeah i am selected for the DND event next fri with joanna, gillian and others.
So happy, I am gonna work more to earn lots lots of money :]

This pics were taken last sat after my event, i rush down to my sis home to bath etc before heading to Kallang for our Dinner at the seafood restaurant... Thanks sis for that costly dinner :]
Bb fetch me up and down w/out any complaining.
Thanks for the changes you made for me. In the past, you always like to complain this and that but now, you seldom give and instead more loving, caring to me.
I will cherish you like the way how you cherish me Baby.

After the dinner, we went to the arcade to play a while with the kids and off i go to work again for the Coversey Sampling with Sylvia.
Bb was worried so he stay there thru out the 3 hours alone and waited for me to finish work and fetch me home despite he is very tired and got to work the next day early in the morning and slept about 3 hours only.
U are the Best My Love. Muackie for U Mr Peh :]
Tml gonna bring Qq out to East coast park with my Sis family, dad and jennise they all to picnic. Its been a long time since we went to the park for picnic :]
Qq will be staying at my home from sat till mon cos her owner will be going to Malaysia so they ask me if i could take care of her and i agree of cos.
Feeling happy and eager to see Qq tml :]

09 July, 2009

Below are the photos of me and other models during the casting and the events for the Formula Drift last sat and sun :]

[Joanna & Gillian]

Our jobscope was easy, we just had to blade around giving out a little of brochur and taking photos :]
Love my job lots :]

[Celest] Her booth was just beside our booth

Han wei was my ex collegue and so surprise to see him after about 5 years?
He is working for Energiser and planning to marry at the end of the year too. Congrats :]

This is where the spectators will sit to enjoy the view of the formula drift.
Day 1 which is last sat, the weather was damn hot but day 2 which is last sun, it rain heavily. But still the spectator did not left and still willing to wait and continue to see the drift.

[All the racer from different country (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore etc) ]
This is where all the racer cars are park, repair etc
[Display cars]
Look at Dawn face.......

[Group pic with the Hotstuff babes]

[Darius] My sec school fren
[Koon yao] My sec sch junior. I realise this guy keep staring at me so i ask anything? in a nice way den he told me tat he neo me and if i study in Greenridge sec last time. Tats when i neo who is he lol.....
This boy is damn cute right, look at his hair!!

My bro, sis in law, mon and dad came down to support me despite its far and rains. Thanks :]
Bb did not join them cos he got to work :[
But Bb made it up by fetching me to work and casting to and fro :]
Thanks Bb. I Love U....

[Hui yi]