24 January, 2009

Yest Work with pearly and eric. We finish work early so decided to go pub drink with eric frens for a while before fetching pearly to her bf house whilei acc eric to Hougang to collect some stuff from his frens den we went to have supper cos i am kinda hungry. It is almost 2 am and almost all shop was close so we went to hunt for shops which is open to eat. Finally we saw a prata shop open at upper thomson road :] Than he fetch me to bro house as jennise they all were there playing Mj and we play till abt 6 am. End up i am the one losing only :[ Than head home and straight away Zzzzz.

21 January, 2009


Went to do my nails at JB last wed and this is the results. I did for RM 280 just my hands lo so ex :(
But thanks Bb for paying and treating my family to eat and acc thru out while i doing my nails despite u are tired and throw a bit of tantrum :)

Meet jia wei and Bb to bugis to shop and than evening we went to Geylang to eat my favorite frog porriage and happen to saw Lam pass by that area so he stop and chat with us before continue to work. Than nite eric fetch pearly & i to work. Luckily eric fetch me home cos i suddenly feel very scare. Reach home, eveyone was asleep so ai call Bb to come up my home atonce and within 15min, Bb reach le :) Thanks Bb.

Meet pearly in the early morning to reborn our hair at Livia house than late noon, jennise & i went to do our shoots at Fort Canning Park till 7 plus than head home. Damn tired today.

Went for a casting today at Eleganz than meet pearly at BL market to cut hair and dinner. Than pearly, jennise & bert acc me to wen bin 2nd sis house to collect some clothes which she wanted to give me & head home le. Today was the 7th day Ming fei pass away, Miss u lots. RIP

Meet baby to Marina Square to shop for his shoe but he didnt manage to fancy any so we head to Bugis and brought his shoe which he saw the other time and head home.

13 January, 2009

RIP Ming fei. Misses

Woke up early to sent Ming Fei the last journey. Bert, charlie & Lam meet us below my house and we went over to Mandai Cementation.
The undertaker brought his body at abt 9am and they brought his body to tha hall and lifted the coffin cover.........
Mingfei sis words touches everyone of us. She even told us to look at him the last look if we wanted but she told us that he may look different from wad we neo him in the past.
I took up my courage and step foward to see him the last time. As i walking closer and closer, my heart beat faster and faster.Finally saw his face.........
My heart sank and hurts. Why he become like tat? The impact must be very big. OMG!
Why must u be so foolisg to end ur life by jumping down? It cant solve any problem u neo?
I suddenly got the huge urge to cry out :(
We were allow to see him abt 45 min before he was taken for cementation...
I cant bear to see him just burn like tat and gone. U must have suffer alot and pain rite inside there burning.
Everyone when to the hall to withness the cementation...
Its was Pin drop sillence in the hall except those crying voices and see thier tears flowing down their cheek.
As they push ur coffin nearer and nearer, i reali feel heartbroken.
Finally when ur coffin is place inside, the door slowly close aand i neo i wont be seeing u again forever.
At that very moment, my mind was blank.
Why do u choose this kind of road and not telling ur frens, bro or family?
Is there still many things which we do not neo or was is her?
My dear fren, u still have lots of fren & me do u neo tat.
Saw u last month and chatted with u but now, ur gone forever from our lifes.
Ur a good fren and a friendly guy but why??????
So many of us send u to the last journey le, RIP my fren.
Ur always in our memory Ming Fei.

12 January, 2009

I miss u lots my dear Fren

Didnt go for the casting today as it was postpon.

Didnt feel happy at all today, instead feeling sad and regret.
This morning, jennise voice woke me up. Normally she wont wake up early but today she was chatting on the phone and seem energentic. Cos my fren had pass away. This make me realise tat i should cherish everyone around me cos u wont neo wad happen next. Feeling sad and lost. Was chatting with him last month but now, he is gone forever......... I can still remember the first time i met u at jurong entertainment. we were looking at the fire works and had dinner and slack till mid nite. Reali cant imagine u were gone just like tat.
RIP my fren. U will always be in my memories.

10 January, 2009

Now it gonna reach 4am yet i still cant sleep. Saw someone tat i didnt expect to see, kinda shock. Hope he & his gf are doing great. Later in the evening will be going to attend pearly bday at changi chalet. Damn far can........
well anyway today i went down to raffles to get her present. Hope she likes it :) And i got 2 piece of good news to share with everyone. This coming Monday 12/01/09, i am going for a casting at Mediacorp for a new english drama series call '' water polo boys'' and i was called down as they need me to try out for the role of this show. Hope i can remember the script given and act well. Another good piece of news i was being selected for an interview by MDIS to work as admin etc post after they read thru my resume. Hope everythings can go well & smooth.

05 January, 2009

Didnt blog for some time due to having fever, flu, cough and sore throat. All thanks to the celebration i had with my frens and love one.

For Christmas and New Year eve, i went to Mono to drink and sing with my frens :) I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Christmas Eve- There were lam, shi hao, sun ren, zhi ming, tracy, pearly, jennise and many more. Too bad Baby got to work so didnt join in the fun.

New Year Eve- Jia wei, fredrick, siqi and baby join us :)