28 April, 2009

Went for a casting today with jennise at M Hotel. Saw farmilar faces like joanne claire, jaslyn etc....
So tired of working. Guess i am not suitable to work in the morning.

23 April, 2009

Work with pearly last night. Been ages since i last saw her. We drank, sing song and chatted..... Will be stationing at Tanjong Pagar for these few days with eric. Sorry k, i neo u dun like to work this area but once again sorry k.

Now in the office doing nothing. Boss haven come yet..... So was slacking, surfing net and gossip from morning till now. Bb gonna come fetch me after work and accompany me to go buy cake and head home to celebrate daddy Bday.
I Love U Daddy. hope u will stay healthy, happy and long life to U.....

17 April, 2009

Work with kiki today. Met her after work at suntec for dinner and shop while waiting for eric to come. Was feeling sick and damn unlucky tat day. Alot of things happen tat day. Sorry guys :[ Esp to piggy.I didnt neo things will turn out this way.
My temper was not very good tat day too due to lots of things like feeling sick and vomited, scolded the pub manager etc..... Never been tat unlucky b4. Pls no more unlucky for me.....

12 April, 2009

9/4 (Thur)
Suppose to teach tuition today after work but was tired as i work yest nite :[ But i called up to my student mom and told her i not feeling well :x Last min desmond call me up and ask me to help him work this tiger beer event so i help up ha. I pair up with jennise and by the time i reach home. I am so exhausted.

Removed my make up and off to the bed.

10/4 (Fri)
Went shopping with ming, jia wei and Bb at bugis. Ming car was super chio man, and his car was limited edition. His Evo 9 was special premium edition design by jackie chan. In singapore there is only 2 cars but now left with his only. On the road u wont be able to see 2nd of this car. Damn chio can!

Its raining heavily yet he still can speed OMG!!! So scary. Manage to buy 2 tops and the guys say it look nice too. Than we walk ard till late den had our dinner at V8 restaurent and it was a treat by Bb cos he getting his bonus :]

Bb u neo wad i wanted rite Wahahah......

Than Ming fetch me to work at sun tec and this time its my turn to sit in front. His seats in front was damn chio cos it got this design at the head rest area.
When he drive, i can feel the impact pulling me backwards despite i lie down and his car is damn powerfull and very strong.

Was day dreaming if i can own a Evo 9 myself, wow tat be fun.....
On his car roof there is also this big words on it. Super chio.

After work, eric fetch me to Nana to find Bb they all. Went for a supper and head home.....

11/4 (Sat)
Work for a tiger beer event at east coast again. After work, Bb, hong hu and jia wei suppose to fetch me but due to some reason, i cabbed over to Vivo and met up with all of them. Khloe joined us for the midnite show. Total got 7 ppl. ( Me, Bb, khloe, Jia wei, Hong hui, Ming & Bin) After the show we went to have our supper at Bukit Timah. Our favourite Frog porriage :]

Than Bb slp at my home :]
12/4 (Sun)
Bb took leave and we went to shop etc again :] Bb had lunch at my home b4 going out. Finally brought my office skirts which i like. Thanks Bb for buying for me again.
Tml gonna work again sian.
Monday Blues :[

09 April, 2009

Workin now and its damn bored. Boss just order me to brainstorm next week roadshow stuff. Sian.... Cant imagine how i survive the whole day when yest i work till 6pm den work at nite with kiki and by the time i reach home, its already 2am plus and ithis morning i woke up at 7am for work than later work event with jennise till late night again :[ Lucky tml its Holiday and dun need to wake up early. Tml noon i be going out with Bb to shop and watch movie before meeting kiki to work again.

Btw was told by Albert that they have preselected the girls for the top 10 FHM Girl Next Door during the Zirca party on the 27March and i did not attend due to events :[
Kinda disappointed but its ok cos its a contest anw.
Thanks to those ppl who vote for me esp my baby for the numerous sms :]

07 April, 2009

Yeah finally found a new job and will be starting tml :] I can work with jennise and sze ying too. But guess i be tired as i be teaching tuition every monday and thur. Roving every wed and fri and classes on every wed and sat. And i cut my hair short last week :[ cos i wanna change a new look but Bb says it look fresh and nice as it suits me :]

05 April, 2009

Today is family day. Mom & dad just came back from cruise and mom won $$ so she treat Bb and all of us to Dian Xiao Er and Henderson for dessert :] Thanks mummy.
Reach home abt 10pm plus so we play mj for one round and i won $9 :]

Gonna Zzzzz soon. this few days never reali slp well and hang over :[

04 April, 2009

Today suppose to teach tuition in the morning but luckily the mom change to monday :] Suppose to go BBDC for my test but i could not or should i say lazy to wake up but i still attend my class cos i didnt attend my sat class for 2 lesson. Alot of things to catch up but was very late to school again. Suppose to reach school by 3.30pm but i reach school abt 5pm :[ cos bert, jennise and me went to had our lunch and talk cork etc ha.

Nite meet up with Hong wee, Bin, Bin fren, Zhi wen and Guo yuan to pub call Discovery something de at CHIMES. Tat stupit Hong wee and i play 5-10 and i kept loseing. Our punishment is to drink beer and martell together :[ damn reali dislike beer alot. Taste horrible. Reach home abt 3am cos Bb got to wake up early yo pray his ah ma the next day.

03 April, 2009

Bb & i had a casting together and if we got selected, we are going to act in the show "Just for laugh" in singapore version! Think u guys should have watch it b4.
Thanks Albert for this job recommandation. I intro Sze ying and her bf in too :] Thought its kinda shy to do those acts with Bb in public but overall we manage to do it. If any of the couple are selected, u can den see us on TV doing funny things :]

After casting, Bb, me, Sy and her bf went to Mac to had our lunch and its been ages since i met up with sy so we chatted alot. Than I went back to Bb home and slp till he went to work.

Nite go Dragonfly with bro they all again. This time i drank martell, E-33, Terqualia shots and B52. Thanks bert for treating me the E-33 and the B52. Was kinda drunk after tat and vomited. Can see many stars around me.... Reach home, neither i wash off my make up nor change my clothes, i just sleep rite away.

01 April, 2009

I guess monday 30-03-09 is the worst days of my life.
But now is sunshine after the heavy rain.
I hope it wont ever happen again in my life.

Will be attending school later :[ so sian but i cant skip too cos i have not been school for 2 weeks due to lazyness etc. Will be playing Mj again after my class at Bin 2nd house :]
Wish me luck :]