28 August, 2009

Watch only if u can take it...
A cop body is ripped into half by a truck and yet he is still ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!


27 August, 2009

Its sunshine after a Heavy rain.
I am glad things between us is ok now :]

A few days ago, My 11 mths old neice was admitted to Thomas Medical cos she having high fever.
So sad and heartbroken when i saw her.
She is so small and young but both her hands was being pierce by couple of needles.

She cry for barely 2 hours my mom told me. She cant even play and slp properly cos the doctor scare she will accidently touch those needles so both her hand was attach to wooden block from her elbow to her wrist.
This is to ensure that she wont hurt herself from those needles.

But i am glad ghe is fine now and can be discharge later.

This sunday we be celebrating her bday in advance. Hope she feel alot better by than.

25 August, 2009

I tot i could stand up but i fall again yest.

Jia you Jen......

24 August, 2009

I guess i becoming stronger and braver as day pass by.

I did not cry when u said those words.
Cheers for u Jennifer, cos u are not a cry baby anymore.
U wont keep sms or call to pester etc and instead slp well rather than keep thinking and cry like the past.

Life still goes on, the earth will not stop turning because of u.

Bravo Jen :]

Last Sat and Sun 22/8/09 & 23/8/09,
I did a Tiger Airway event as thier ambassdor with Jancie goh, Janice fion, Khloe, Jennise, Wei rong etc. Its kinda fun and kinda easy.
We just got to walk around to attract attention to passer by tat Tiger Airway is having promotion tats it.

Next sat and sun gonna work again and this events is going on for about 9 days :]

20 August, 2009

Its the 7the Month now.....
There are alot of things that we need to caution like talking etc....

I be going to pray Min Fei one day.
Its been 7 months and 8 eights since u left us...
I hope u are doing fine my fren.

Whenever i think abt u, i feel sad :(

This taught me to cherish every ppl even those whom u hate cos once its gone, its gone forever.
I miss U my fren .

12 August, 2009

Hai had a terrible day at work now.
Wednesday Blues :[
I put down all my work to vent out my anger.... I cant stand her anymore.
Keep giving me so many things to do and walking session.
My position is admin/account, not your personal assistance lo :[ Haiz
But thinking of after work can see Bb, i felt alot better :]
Bb smile, caring words, advice is my medician for my bad day....
I might ask someone to replace me for this fri Ambi pur event cos kinda lazy to work :[
I hope to be choosen for another event instead :]
Jennifer must Pray hard ar.......

11 August, 2009

Random post and pic.....

Went to drink last last sat (1/8/09) with my Lao po livia and her frens....
Enjoy going out with her.... Its been sometime since we met up and i am glad that our friendship is still tat strong and good.... Now u found ur true love, i am happy for u :]

Fri 7/8/09
Met jia wei and Bb at Jp for dinner etc after work. Jia wei Treat me Fish and co and we chatted and shop ard before i went to Bb home to stay over.

Sat 8/8/09
The next day early morning, we went to JB with guo yuan to brought some stuff and shop ard den in the evening i meet up with my sis they all for dinner in town and nite, Bb acc me to Social House to meet up with Gillian, Joanna etc....

I went there a short while and left cos almost all is guy and i dunno them :[ Hope the rest of babes will enjoy their nite :]

After we left Social house, lao po came to look for us and we head down to a pub at chinatown with Charlie, Lam, Fredrick they all...

We stay there till the pub close and something erm bad happen anw.... Than we all head to 651 for supper and head home.

Bb is sick but he neo i dun wish to stay at home so despite his fever gone up to 38.6, he still acc me :] Bb i love u....

Sun 9/8/09
Tat nite Bb stay over at my place and i promise him tat i will acc him to consult doctor in the morning but the next day, he saw me sleeping soundly so nv ask me up and went to consult doctor himself and came back to wait for me to wake up den go have lunch despite he hungry. Sorry Bb :[

Bb fever went down and feeling alot better after medication.

Nite i went to work for Smirnoff event at St james with Janice etc. Before that Bb and i met up with jia wei, charlie and elaine for dinner at Boon Lay market.

The rest of the Smirnoff event pic will be posted at http://club.stomp.com.sg/clubstomp/displayAlbum.do?id=660.
Thanks Royston for the pics taken :]

I love my Dumbo lots lots :]
Cant imagine my llife w/out u.
I want Nobody, Nobody but U......

06 August, 2009

Last week Tiger airway event was cancel and postpon to next weekend.

Didnt went for fitting on thier uniform last week due to the Ambi pur roadshow event so only jennise and serene went for fitting.

Jennise say their uniform is cute.... cos our boots and shorts is tiger stripes.
We are also surpose to dance ''Nobody'' too (-_-)" So funny. Till today i still haven learn their dance steps. Gonna learn on that day itself den.

Yest Jojo, gillian, serene they all went to Butter Factory but i cant go cos i am not feeling well :(
Will meet up with the babes soon :] Miss them all..... Hugs.

Treat my whole family to Dim Sum at Chinatown point last sunday (2/8/09).
Cost me $200+ den after that we went to Kallang for Bowling and dinner...

Could not attend pearly wedding this coming Sat, But i wish u have a blissful marriage and all the best to her :]

Love my family & frens...
Hope to have more gatherings with them soon.