01 May, 2010

Pic receive from sweetie at NeverLand last week.
Had lots of fun, embarrasing moment with kaye :[ Babe u neo wad i mean rite lol.
Let the picture do the talking cos i lazy to write lol.

[My Lao Po, Livia]

[Sweetie Kaye, pls dun drink alot next time lol]

[With Zarine, me and sweetie]

[ Beloved Bb]

[ Jimmy, my mahjong kakis]

[Bro look happy with so many beauties beside him ha :x ]

[Bin, bro ]

[Jimmy and his fren whom is a teacher in a Sec sch. Handsome and young too. Told Jimmy hw cum i never had such a handsome and young teacher in my Sec sch ha]

[ Another sweetie of mine, Pearly Zhen Zhu]

Gonna meet them all soon to drink.. Mis the fun :]