29 April, 2010

Alot of unhappy thing happen in office recently so i quitted even thought i love this job.
Just dun understand y those aunties get jealous wen the technicians treat me better den them lo.
And like to treat me so gd yet another face in front of boss.

Anw i be going for interview tml. Hope pay is gd etc :]

Below r pic of me and my collegues in Antiants.

[ Kaye , accounts ]
Btw i intro kaye in to work with me and we had lots of fun like during break, we went to the smoking area and we take cardboard.............. only both of us neo and two technicians ha :]

[ Huey sze, sales ]

Yours Truly :]

[Maria, accounts]

[Steff, PA]

[ Alex, Technicians ]

[Li cheng, accounts]

[ Joanne, accounts ]

[ Finally group pic ]

There is still alot of collegues abt 20 plus which we never get to take :[ And i left le, so sad.
I miss them all except couple of 2 sided face fuckers.
Anw i agree i made a harsh decision and was sad tat sweetie kaye acc me to drink despite she working next day. Thx alot babe, i miss u lots :]

Well gonna update wad i doing the past weeks or days.
Went to Neverland with Bb, Bin, Kaye, Jimmy, Kaye etc last Fri 23/04/10. HAd lots of fun. Gonna take the pic from sweetie soon and load.
Today Bb and i went to JB to shop, massage etc. Pearly at first gonna join us but cant find her passport :[
I wanna meet up my babe soon [Kaye, Pearly, Tracy etc]
Miss u all :]