24 February, 2010

Sat (20/02/10), Pearly andi work tgt and after work,we went to meet jacklin @ Neverland and had lots of fun.
There is a guy who even 'Diao Hua' for each of us -_-''
After Neverland we went to Bai Bar to look for Jaclin fren who den brought us home.
Enjoy my days with the ladies today. Gonna meet pearly this sat again :]

Sun (21/02/10) went to my cousin condo @ Tanan Merah with my family to bai nian den Jennise and i decided to go sis house @ bukit gombak for mj. While in cab on our way over it started to drizzling and we are stuck in the PIE expressway when we met an accident. I was shock as it was too sudden and the impact is damn big. Total there were 6 vehicals in a row, there is 3 cabs, 2 car and 1 bike I was in the 5 vehicals. Rang up Bb and mom. Not long my bro and dad came and fetch us to the hospital. Total took 6 days MC as i injured my neck area and knee :[ Gonna rest well.

Recieved Basket of fruits from the cab company 'COMFORTDELGRO'

Today (24/02/10) Bb and i woke up late morning and we head to Lavender to collect passport den off we go to town area to purchase my valetines present. Guess what he brought for me????? Its a present tat i wanted and that is I-Phone :]

Thx Bb for all the present. Hugs it. I know you will always be there for me and trust me :]
Another good news is i am selected to work for a Biker event on march :]